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Who we are and what services we provide

Check-my-grammar.com is a professional editing service created for senior students struggling with writing successful and remarkable essays, graduate dissertations, theses, or any other academic papers. Our team of specialists provides the top-quality editing considering the most subtle features of the given subject and style and our proofreaders check for grammar, punctuation, and essay flow inaccuracies. If your texts suffer from incorrect word choice, colloquialisms, various sentence structure issues and lack the more effective vocabulary, Check-My-Grammar essay editing service is going to take care of these literacy nightmares. As a client, you also get the advantage of working closely with our essay editor to customize checks for your particular needs and stylistic features.

Entrust your writing to our language enthusiasts


Essay proofreading is one of the crucial stages one has to complete on the way to the perfect grade. Three magic words ‘Check My Grammar’ and our editor is down to detect and get rid of all the possible mistakes and issues. Your essay will look like as If your professor wrote it for you himself. Our linguists will offer you advice and suggestions on the structure and content of your writing as well as issues that require extra focusing.

After you’ve checked your essay 5, 10, or even 15 times and it seems that nothing can be more flawless and perfect than your work, just let someone look over it and unobvious errors will get uncovered. A look from the side is the most objective assessment – we offer a professional and even picky approach to your writing.


Essay editing process at Check-My-Grammar isn’t done yet – there’s more to offer. We format your piece of writing in the accurate compliance with the most recognized and widely used style guides like MLA, APA, Chicago, and CSE to make sure your document undergoes the best editorial practice. Get the formatting customized according to your teacher’s instructions – our editor will include them.

Document security

One of the services we provide and treat with a special care is document security. Entrusting your piece of writing to Check-my-grammar.com, we make sure all your work is secured by Verisign 256-bit SSL certificate, which means a total destruction of your intellectual property after 30 days.

Customer service we are proud of

At check-my-grammar.com, we aim to stand out with our top-quality customer service and best editorial practices. Our clients receive professional academic editing which is more than just proofreading, spell checking and correction of various mistakes – we do our best to turn your work into a well-written, compelling essay with a strong communicative effect.


We stand for the unshattered reputation of our editing services and want no hassle – let us know if you aren’t satisfied with our work, and we will conduct numerous revisions and checks to restore your loyalty. The feeling that your writing lacks perfection still doesn’t go – we will return your money.